How do you reset the Brush Library in Autodesk SketchBook?

Select Edit > Preferences > the Factory Defaults tab, for Reset Brush Palette and Library, tap Reset.

How do you reset the brushes in Autodesk SketchBook?

Resetting a brush icon in SketchBook Pro Desktop

  1. In the Brush Palette or Brush Library, double-tap the brush with the icon you want to reset. This opens Brush Properties.
  2. In Brush Properties, tap the brush icon.
  3. From the menu below all the icon, tap Reset to default.

How do I delete a brush from SketchBook?

Deleting a brush set in SketchBook Pro Desktop

  1. In the Brush Library, tap the brush set you want to delete.
  2. Tap-hold and select. Delete Brush Set. The set is removed from the library. The only way to retrieve the brush set is to have it saved somewhere else (see Exporting a brush set).

How do I restart AutoCAD on Windows?

AutoCAD for Windows

  1. Windows 10: Start > AutoCAD 20xx > Reset Settings To Default.
  2. Windows 7: Start > All Programs > Autodesk > AutoCAD 20xx > Reset Settings To Default.

Can you open a PDF in SketchBook?

You can use the free service at ConvertPDF. Today to convert your PDF files into any of the Sketchbook import formats.

How do I make my brush smaller in Autodesk Sketchbook?

Resizing a brush with the Brush Puck

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Hold down the B key or tap while in the puck and drag to the right to increase a brush’s size or left to decrease it. To change brush size and opacity with the puck, in Edit > Preferences > Brush, select Change both brush size and opacity and tap OK.

How do you erase in the sketchbook app?

For Free users,

  1. Select and flick toward , then drag over the area you want to clear.
  2. Either flick toward or press the Delete key to remove the selected area.

How do you get more tools on Autodesk SketchBook?

Manually installing a brush set

  1. In either the Desktop, Enterprise, or Windows 10 version of SketchBook, tap. to open the Brush Library.
  2. Tap the upper right corner of a brush set to access its marking menu.
  3. Select. Import Brush Set.
  4. Locate the downloaded brushes (usually in your Downloads folder). …
  5. Tap Open.
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