How do you not draw with your finger on procreate?

Go to Actions > Prefs > Gesture Controls, then General > Disable Touch actions.

How do you stop finger marks in Procreate?

To do that, just open a canvas and tap the wrench icon to open the Actions menu. From there, tap Prefs > Advanced Gesture Controls and set Touch to ‘Gestures Only’.

Is it bad to draw with your finger?

The bad thing about this is that using your wrist and fingers repetitively for hours and even days at a time can cause serious injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome or RSI.

Why is my procreate not drawing?

Check what settings you have active under Smudge, Erase and Assisted Drawing – if any are selected there, turn them off. Check under the General tab too and if Global Touch is turned on, turn it off. – make sure you don’t have Alpha Lock active on the layer you’re trying to draw on.

Why is my Apple Pencil not working on Procreate?

The reason your Apple Pencil does not appear in the Devices menu is that Procreate 3 supports Apple Pencil natively. Make sure you have ‘None’ selected, and as long as you’ve paired your Apple Pencil by plugging it into your iPad Pro at least once, it will just work with Procreate.

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What are allows finger painting in watercolor directly on the screen of iPad?

Answer: the Nomad Brush. Explanation: This brush is amazing.

How do you draw better on Procreate?

Sketching in procreate

  1. Only use one colour.
  2. Use the HB Pencil, for sketching & erasing.
  3. Keep your brush size to 1% at all times.
  4. Use Shading Graphite for smudging.

Why is Procreate not full screen on my iPad?

I don’t know if this is the problem, but try going into the iPad’s Settings and checking under General -> Accessibility -> Zoom to make sure the Zoom gesture is switched Off on your iPad. It can really mess with the Procreate gesture controls and make something simple like that really hard to do.

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