How do you delete text in SketchBook?

Can you edit text in SketchBook?

When editing text in SketchBook, you start with entering the text editing mode. This will enable making edits to the actual text, such as adding a word or fixing the spelling of something. You can also change the font and color. Each version of SketchBook has slightly different tools for editing text.

How do I delete Autodesk?

Uninstall Autodesk products

  1. Open the Control Panel. …
  2. Select Uninstall a program (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) or Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP).
  3. Uninstall peripheral applications from smallest to largest. …
  4. After add-in applications are uninstalled, select the main product to be uninstalled.

How do you make things smaller in SketchBook?

To non-proportionately scale a selection, highlight the upper part of the inner circle. Tap, then drag in the direction you want scaled. To scale a selection bigger or smaller, highlight the scale inner circle. Tap, then drag to scale up or down to display the percentage scaling.

How do you round text in sketch?

Select the text and go to Text > Type on Path, then drag it near the circle. It will ‘snap’ awkwardly to the circle. You’ll have to move the text layer around and watch it reposition inside the circle until you get what you want.

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How do I remove the background from a picture in sketch?

Double click into the image. In the editor bar on the right there are two types of selection tools. A rectangle selector and magic wand. Use the magic wand to select the white and delete it.

Can you curve text in SketchBook?

Solution: Currently, this functionality is not available in Sketchbook. To achieve this effect, a vector software (such as Adobe Illustrator) must be used.

Can you download fonts to Autodesk SketchBook?

Is it possible to install it to Sketchbook? For Mac/Windows, you can install Fonts system wide. Some work and some may not work. iOS and Android, you can’t add additional fonts at the OS level.

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