How do you change the paper in clip studio paint?

You can double-click the Paper layer in the [Layer] palette to display the [Color settings] dialog box and change the color of the Paper layer.

How do I change the Paper size in clip studio?

Change Canvas Size

  1. 1Select the [Edit] menu > [Change Canvas Size].
  2. 2Adjust the settings in the dialog box that appears.
  3. 3A preview will be shown on the canvas.
  4. 4Click [OK] on the [Change Canvas Size] dialog box.

How do you change a layer in clip studio paint?

Selecting [Edit] menu > [Transform] > [Rotate] freely transforms a layer. Dragging a handle allows you to transform the image. [Free Transform] allows you to freely transform by dragging a handle. Hold down Shift while dragging a handle to move the handle according to the direction of the guideline.

How do I change the Paper type in clip studio paint?

1Select [Layer] Menu > [Paper]. 2In the [Color settings] dialog box, select the color you want the paper to be.

Can you edit in clip studio paint?

Hello! Clip Studio Paint is not built around image editing in the way that some other software is. … However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do image and photo editing in CSP!

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How do I increase the resolution on clip studio?

Change Image Resolution

  1. 1Select the [Edit] menu > [Change Image Resolution].
  2. 2The [Change Image Resolution] dialog box will appear.
  3. 3The dialog box will close, and the canvas resolution will be changed.

How do you select and shrink in clip studio paint?

1Using a selection tool, create a selection. 2Select the [Select] menu > [Shrink Selected Area]. 3In the dialog box that appears, adjust the [Shrinking width] and [Shrinking type], then click [OK]. 4The selected area will shrink by the specified width.

How do you flip in CSP?

You can flip the canvas horizontally to make it easier to draw or to check the balance of the picture while drawing. Click [Flip Horizontal] on the [Navigator] palette. In the [View] menu, select [Rotate/Invert] → [Flip Horizontal].

Can you Photoshop in clip studio?

You can edit, modify, or even manipulate photos with Photoshop. Apart from this, Photoshop comes with some amazing kinds of brushes. On the flip side, Clip Studio Paint is not limited to photo editing only. With it, you can do a lot more like you can make illustrations, animations, comics, etc.

How do you delete pictures in clip studio paint?

Select [Edit] menu > [Delete] to delete the selected area or object. For layers such as the [Image material] layer and [Frame border] layer that do not allow objects to be selected, the entire layer will be deleted.

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