How do you center a layer in Firealpaca?

Click the “dot” button on the end of the row of snap buttons. As you move your cursor around the canvas, the centre of the circle snap will move with your cursor. Click or tap to set the centre.

How do I adjust layers in FireAlpaca?

In the layer list, click and drag (without releasing the mouse button, or while keeping pressure on the graphics pen) on the layer you want to move up or down. A red line will show where the layer (and the mouse button) can be released (or “dropped”).

How do you center text in fire alpacas?

Click on the T (stands for text), write what you want, then click on Left Align Text to change it to Center Text.

Is there a stabilizer in FireAlpaca?

The “stabilizer” in FireAlpaca is called “Correction” it is located at the top of the program and has values from 0-19. While 19 will give you the most crisp lines, it will take longer for them to be drawn.

How do you find the center of a canvas?

Make sure you have your smart guides on (under the view panel) and just drag your design until you see a little purple/pink x in what looks like the center of the canvas. You can also select the align panel and choose artboard, then horizontal center and vertical center.

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How do you make an alpaca fire in a circle?

To make a perfect circle, pick the selection tool, and Ellipse from opcions. Make a selection. Now go to menu, Select, Draw Selection Border… and select line thickness and position relative to selection. To make curves: Pick the selection tool and Polygon mode.

Why is FireAlpaca so pixelated?

The program is pixelated because it can’t handle high-dpi screens, I’ve used this as my daily driver and I’m sad that I have to choose another one. My drawings would’ve looked great on my Surface Pro 4 if the devs fix this.

How do I enable soft edges in FireAlpaca?

Thank you for your help!! Double click the eraser in the Brush box and check Soft Edge.

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