How do you add new brushes to procreate?

How do I import brushes into procreate pocket?

After you’ve made sure that your brush files live in a cloud folder, open the Procreate Pocket app on your iPhone. Open the Brush panel and go to “New Brush“. There will be an option on the top right that says “Import”, where you’ll find different types of cloud services you can pull the file from.

How do I upload multiple photos to Procreate?

Drag and Drop from Photos

Tap on a photo to pick it up, and drag it into Procreate. Once you’ve picked up one photo, tap other photos to add them to the stack so you can drag them all in at once.

Can you download brushes for Procreate?

You can download the brushes on your computer and save them to the cloud (iCloud or Dropbox) or you can download them directly on your iPad. If you download the files to your iPad as a ZIP file, you can unzip the files with a free app like FileExplorer: File Manager or iZip.

How do I convert brushes to ABR?

How to Convert and Export a Photoshop TPL (Tool Preset) to an ABR

  1. Find and select the tool preset of the brush you want to convert.
  2. Right click on it, select ” convert to brush preset” and it will show up as an ABR in your Brushes panel.
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Why can’t I combine brushes on Procreate?

Brushes must be in the same Brush Set for them to combine. You can only combine single brushes – existing Dual Brushes cannot combine. You also can’t combine default Procreate brushes. You can duplicate default Procreate brushes and then combine the copies.

Can you have too many Procreate brushes?

There is no limitation to the amount of brushes you can have :) There is – 12 custom sets.

Can you import photos into Procreate?

To insert a compatible image file, tap Actions > Add > Insert a file. This will open the Files app displaying your recent images. You can also Browse all your connected folders using the navigation bar at the bottom. You can import PNG, JPEG, and PSD files.

Can I share Procreate app?

Procreate is a shareable app. Technically, under Apple iCloud’s Family Sharing plan, users can successfully download applications bought by one device with other devices within the same iCloud. You only need to enable Family Sharing to start swapping and downloading apps.

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