How do I update my substance painter?

To manually check for updates use Check for updates in the Help menu. It is possible to avoid displaying this window during the startup with the following methods: Use the Don’t remind me until next version setting in the window to temporarily skip the display of the window until the next new version.

What is the latest version of Substance painter?

Version 2020.2 (6.2. 0)

How can substance Painters be improved?

8 super tips for Substance Painter

  1. Create a texture library. …
  2. Consider the lighting. …
  3. Keep your workflow non-destructive. …
  4. Start early with dirt and decals. …
  5. Smart masks and generators. …
  6. Create a strong base. …
  7. Make use of UV Maps. …
  8. Think through your wear and tear.

How do I renew my substance painter student license?

Hi, You need to wait for the license to expire, then ask for a new license with your new Student ID.

Are substance painters worth it?

Definitely worth the money either way – this is very powerful software.

How much is substance Painter per month?

Users currently on rent to own have until 31 October 2020 to convert to a perpetual licence. For subscribers, pricing remains largely unchanged: monthly subscriptions still cost $19.90/month for Indie users or $99.90/month for a Pro users.

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How do I make my substance painter smaller?

Compact the project

Use the “Save and Compact” function in the File Menu to re-save the project and remove wasted empty space. This save action will be longer than a regular save but can significantly reduce the file footprint.

How do I activate my substance painters license?

Activate using licence file: activate the product with a license file (*. key) downloaded from your account page the Substance 3D website. Activate using your account: activate the product by using a login and password to connect to your account and automatically retrieve the license file.

How much does substance Painter cost?

In real time. Paint in 3D in real time. Get Painter as part of the Adobe Substance 3D Collection plan for just US$39.99/mo.

Should I get substance painter or substance designer?

Substance Painter is more for characters, props, weapons etc. It is used for assets that have a specific UV layout. Substance Designer is used more for creating tileable, dynamic and modular textures.

Does substance painter come with substance source?

The Substance Source plugin which was included with Substance Painter is now deprecated, for technical and maintenance reasons. … The plugin is not included anymore with Substance Painter since version 2020.1 (6.1.

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