How do I see how much time I spent on procreate?

You can check how long you’ve been working on a canvas under canvas info.

How do I see how much time I spent on a drawing in Procreate?

How much time have you been spending on average per piece? You can find this information easily in Procreate by opening a file going to the Actions Menu > Canvas > Canvas Information > Statistics > Tracked Time. This will tell you how long it took you to finish your piece, minus any breaks you took.

What is tracked time Procreate?

A time-code for each Procreate file. Over the space of several days or weeks you could switch between projects without having to manually or mentally log how long you’ve spent on each one. … From observation, it tracks the time the canvas is open.

How do I access my Procreate history?

Procreate does not have an undo history that lets you search through your past actions and revert your design to an earlier version. You will need to undo, one at a time, until you are back to the point in your design that you want to be.

Can I measure in Procreate?

Draw a ruler on its own layer, so you can move it or scale it with transform. You can also scale the ruler with the size slider for the brush. Depending on the size you draw the ruler at, you can get pixel accurate measures. You will note that the ruler has no numbers.

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Does procreate keep track of time?

Procreate on Twitter: “There is one! You can check how long you’ve been working on a canvas under canvas info.… ”

How do I view canvas in procreate?

Canvas Information

View comprehensive technical information about your artwork. Tap Actions > Canvas > Canvas information.

Is there an Undo button on Procreate?

To Undo a series of actions, tap and hold two fingers on the canvas. … Procreate can Undo up to 250 actions.

Can you get a ruler on Procreate?

No ruler in Procreate at this time. … Procreate doesn’t currently have any print mark features, so you’ll need to use other apps or draw them by hand.

Is a protractor a ruler?

A circular protractor has measurements up to 360 degrees, unlike folding rulers. They are commonly used for mechanical drawings in engineering or architecture. Most protractors have a uniform 180-degree half-circle shape.

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