How do I open multiple images in FireAlpaca?

How do you open multiple images on different layers without them opening in a different project window? You have to bring them all in by going Ctrl/Cmmd+A, Ctrl/Cmmd+C, click on the canvas you want to put them all on, Ctrl/Cmmd+V (repeat). It will create a new layer each time.

Can you have multiple references in Firealpaca?

In firealpaca you have a separate reference window, so you can place that in the same window tab as your brush list and open one image and zoom in/out of it. Combined with collaging i mentioned in the 1st paragraph, it can give you a pretty good reference view.

Can you import pictures into Firealpaca?

You can either just go to File>Open and then open the photo into the program or Copy and Paste it into an existing file.

How do I open an image as a layer in Firealpaca?

Go to File>Open and select the image file you want to use. Press ctrl/cmmd + A to select all. Press Ctrl/Cmmd + C to copy. Go to your file and press ctrl/cmmd+V to paste and it will make a new layer.

How do you resize things in FireAlpaca?

Ctrl/Cmmd+T to resize. If you grab the corners, it will constrain proportions. If you grab the sides or the top/bottom, you can change the shape (at least with the rectangle). Hold Shift to constrain if it doesn’t auto do it.

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How do I move an image in FireAlpaca?

Use the various selection tools to select an area to move, change to the Move tool (4th tool down on the toolbar down the left side of the FireAlpaca window), and drag the selected area. Note: only works on a single layer.

How do I import layers into FireAlpaca?

Simply drag and drop layers into Layer Folder. You can drag a layer to change the order. Layer Folder can be open and close by clicking the folder icon n Layer window. When you don’t need layers in Layer Folder, you can easily collapse.

How do you move layers in FireAlpaca?

In the layer list, click and drag (without releasing the mouse button, or while keeping pressure on the graphics pen) on the layer you want to move up or down. A red line will show where the layer (and the mouse button) can be released (or “dropped”).

How do you change the size of an image in FireAlpaca?

Things to try in FireAlpaca:

  1. Use the Transform operation (under the Select menu) and choose the Bicubic (Sharp) option at the bottom of the window. …
  2. If you want “big square pixels” rather than a smoother enlargement, try the Nearest neighbour (Jaggies) option when using Transform.

How do you bend in Firealpaca?

The basics of Curve Snap: Click on the Curve Snap icon, then click where you want to start your line. Hover over the area you want the line to continue and see how the line changes. when you see where the line is best, click down.

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How do you add shapes in Firealpaca?

can i make shapes in firealpaca? You can make ellipses and rectangles using the selection tool or draw your own with he polygonal or lasso options, then fill them in with your choice of color.

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