How do I access the Paint Tool SAI folder?

Like Restorer said. To be sure, right-click on your SAI icon, choose ‘Properties’, and then then ‘Find or Open Original Folder’ (or whatever it’s called!).

How do I open a SAI file?

To open an SAI file, select File → Open.… PainTool SAI features various tools that can be applied to separate layers. Some of the tools are Pencil, Pen, Marker, Eraser, Brush, WaterColor, Bucket, and AirBrush. The program also comes with the lasso and magic wand selection tools.

How do I open the SAI install path?

Open SAI installed folder. 2. Right click on file named sai.exe or sai (File type: Application).

About SAI Ver. 1.1. x.

  1. Open SAI installed folder.
  2. Right click on file named help. …
  3. Select [Properties] on right click menu.
  4. Click [Unblock] button on the [General] page.

How do I recover files from Paint Tool SAI?

ANYWAY; THE QUESTION IS : how can i recover an UNSAVED file from sai? “You can access the error log by opening up your SAI folder and opening the document titled errlog. txt. Scroll to the bottom, and the latest crash will be reported.”

Can clip studio paint Open Sai files?

If No, thats ok. Thanks. CSP has full PSD support. If you export from SAI to PSD, it keeps all layers, but some blending modes in SAI (Shine for example) are converted to Glow in CSP.

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Is PaintTool SAI free?

Is PaintTool SAI free? PaintTool SAI is not free but the software can be downloaded for free. … Once the trial period is over, the software would automatically disable its functionality.

How do you move layers in Paint Tool SAI?

How to move/scale/rotate multiple layers in SAI

  1. make a folder.
  2. put layers into a folder (drag and drop)
  3. select folder.
  4. move/scale/rotate the folder. The layers in the folder will be effected.

How do you move tools in Paint Tool SAI?

if you hover over your brushes and hold down the CTRL key, your mouse will change shape, and if you click and drag brushes around you can move them.

How do I repair a corrupted SAI file?

You can’t really fix it. Once a sai file is corrupted properly; it’s corrupted. Isolate the folder that it’s in and don’t save anything else as a SAI file in there unless you want to risk further corruption; since for some reason it spreads.

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