Frequent question: Why does procreate not have a clipping mask?

Tap your Primary layer to invoke the Layer Options menu, then tap Clipping Mask. The selected layer will become a Clipping Mask, clipped to the layer below. If the selected layer is the bottom layer in your Layers panel, the Clipping Mask option is not available.

Can you mask in Procreate?

Masking in Procreate is a non-destructive way to conceal or cover a part of your image. Non-destructive means you can easily reverse and edit your changes at any time. … Masking allows you to hide that part of the image.

Why is Alpha lock not working?

With alpha lock the pixels opacity is locked so you can’t make them less transparent, if that makes sense. Also make sure your layer blend mode as not changed. Try posting a screenshot with your layers menu open so we can see how to help.

What does layer mask do procreate?

Layer Masks are edited using grayscale. Erasing or painting in black hides parts of the parent layer, and painting in white reveals parts. Varying shades of gray alter the content with corresponding levels of opacity. When a Layer Mask is selected as your Primary layer, your Color Panel selections will ignore hue.

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