Can you select a color in procreate?

To select a color to work with, follow these steps: Press and hold down with your finger where you want to pull the color from. You’ll see a circle take on your color. Wait for the color to appear in the color selection tool in the top-right corner of the screen.

How do you select and recolor in Procreate?

ColorDrop is the tool you need – simply drag the colour from the dot at the top right of the screen straight to the area you want to recolour. Don’t pause on the dot, or it will change to the previous one you had selected – just sweep your stylus or finger from the dot to the relevant area.

How do you select and delete a color in Procreate?

in PS you can do this by select>color range you click on the area you want to select and then delete it, make a new layer underneath and fill it with whatever color you like thus separating the lineart.

Does Procreate have an eyedropper tool?

Hold the Modify button on the sidebar. With your other hand, tap anywhere on the canvas to invoke the Eyedropper. Hold your finger on the canvas, drag the Eyedropper to your desired location and release to select a color. Your new color displays on the top half of the loupe and the current color on the bottom half.

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Can you select in Procreate?

To activate the selection tool, tap on the selection icon on the top menu and its options will show up at the bottom. The selection tool can remain active when other functions are being used, such as the brush tool. When the selection tool is activated, only the selected area on the canvas can be edited.

Why does my Procreate not have recolor?

With Procreate 5X came the release of the new Color Fill tool which is the successor to the very popular Recolor Tool. … While at first glance it might seem like Procreate completely took away the Recolor Tool because it’s not in the Adjustments Panel, rest assured it is still on the app and you can still access it!

How do you fill a shape in procreate pocket?

Draw an outline around the area you want to fill, making sure the shape is completely closed with no gaps. Drag the color circle from the top menu within the shape to fill the area. You may want to go back over the area with a textured brush and roughen the edges or add some grain.

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