Can you paint in Illo sketchbook?

The sketchbook has a hard cover with a faux leather feel and the brand name subtly debossed on it. The color is a charcoal gray, which looks nice with the silky blue bookmark ribbon. … This paper did well with pencil, colored pencil, markers, and one of the heaviest applications of paint I’ve seen in a while.

What kind of sketchbook can you paint in?

This is a selection of sketchbooks that are great for painting sketches or doing thumbnails to plan a painting.

  • Wire-Bound, Hardcover Sketchbook. Buy On Amazon Buy On …
  • Art Watercolor Album. Buy On Amazon. …
  • Notebook. Buy On …
  • Travelogue Drawing Book. Buy On Amazon. …
  • (310-9) 300 Series Canvas Pad.

Can Illo sketchbooks handle watercolor?

Paper has a smooth texture and while not made for watercolor, it holds up okay. One of the things I look at closely is how sketchbooks hold up to ink.

Which sketchbook is good for acrylic painting?

Royal & Langnickel Artist Paper Pad

This thick, textured paper is recommended for watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and ink. Designed not to wrinkle even under layers of paint, these pages are bound at the top for a tight grip and clean tear.

Are Illo sketchbooks worth it?

There are less expensive sketchbooks, but illo wanted to provide top quality at a reasonable price, and I think they’ve come pretty close. If the paper was acid-free, I’d be recommending it for everyone–I think that’s an oversight on their part. But the build is very good and the versatility is great.

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Are Illo sketchbooks acid free?

The illo paper isn’t acid free, which cuts down on cost, but also cuts down on the longevity of the artwork in the book.

How do you paint on paper without it warping?


  1. Mist the back of the paper with water using a fine mist. …
  2. Place the painting image-side down on the sketch paper.
  3. Cover with another sheet of sketch paper or a towel. …
  4. Put weights on top (you can use books if you don’t have weights).
  5. Place the painting image-side down on the sketch paper.

How do you prepare paper for painting?

Wet in Wet. The “wet” evolution of the paper requires first thoroughly soaking the paper down to the pulp, then painting wet into wet with concentrated colors as it dries. This is usually done in several cycles of wetting and drying to complete a single painting.

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